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Have an idea? Our team will make it real. Nowadays you must have a multidisciplinary team you can trust, and present your ideas and questions, in quick and efficient meetings. A team that manages simultaneously design, engineering, copyrights, and eventually, final production. Search no further... Put your ideas in the market today!




INOVSTEP offers a wide range of numerical simulation services, focused primarily in the plastics industry. Our skilled team of engineers can help you find efficient, robust and reliable solutions to address structural problems in plastic parts, regardless of their geometry.




Engineering design
We use 3D modeling software, CATIA V5 and SolidWorks for the design of the products of our customers. Starting from preliminary drawings of the customer or our proposals, we have developed products to ensure that our customers get a better product both from a technical point of view and the interface point of view to the user. Having in mind the production process, either molds or product mass in order to ensure an economical product.

Structural analysis

Structural analysis through Finite Elements Method (FEM), using CAE tools, enables us to anticipate possible weaknesses in parts of your product, so they can be eliminated before his conception. Moreover, the analysis can be extended to the whole product assembly, simulating contact between diffrent parts, thereby complementing individual part analysis. The simulation services that INOVSTEP puts at your disposal are based on linear static analysis using CATIA V5 software.

Injection Simulation

Through simulation of the injection process can provide for the distribution and temperature variation in the mold during the molding cycle, as well as shrinkage and warpage of the part. The workpiece geometry and material, as well as the injection process variables can then be optimized in order to reduce the cycle time and achieve a uniform filling, minimizing the effect of the twist contraction. Thus, the use of simulation plays an important role in ensuring a higher end product quality, reduce time to market of the same and the number of mold tests. Other advantages include simulation of correct dimensioning of injection machine, forecasting of the areas requiring cooling and identifying points of differentiated contraction of 'sucked' cause. This set of advantages translates well into significant financial gains for your company. In INOVSTEP all injection simulations are performed using the MOLDEX 3D software.




We are able to produce functional prototypes of plastic parts through various processes. These prototypes are intended to validate various aspects such as appearance, ergonomics and resistance. We do all the required finish to validate the engineering and approve and certify the product. We also make silicone molds for pre-series and prototype molds for small series. Additionally services have prototyping of printed circuit boards, among others.


Our team includes lawyers and technicians specialized in the field of Industrial Property, which act to protection of IP rights, and recommend what strategy and modality more advantageous protection. The services we provide in this area include the Technological Research, registration and patent maintenance.


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